Past Masters - Table Rock Lodge 680

Lloyd E. (Tony) Root

Born 12/5/1939 – Hillsboro, Illinois
Graduated from Beaumont High School 1958
Married Charlotte Autry – July 11, 1959
Three Children:  Michelle, Micheal & Steven
Initiated 9-8-71 in Triple Lodge #835, Granite City, Illinois
Returned Proficiency 10-4-71
Passed to the degree of Fellowcraft 10-4-71
Returned Proficiency 10-8-71
Raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason 10-8-71
Returned Master Mason’s Proficiency 10-27-71
Was appointed Marshal 1972 in Triple Lodge #835
Went before Board of Grand Examiners in 1975, Commissioned
Certified Lecturer by Most Worshipful Bro. Albert W. Gylden.
Elected Master of Triple Lodge #835 in 1979
Commissioned Right Worshipful Grand Lecturer
By Most Worshipful Bro. Norman R. Buecker. Grand Master 1978
Became Charter Member of Table Rock Lodge #680 in 1996
Duel with Triple Lodge #835 in Illinois
Was elected Worshipful Master of Table Rock Lodge #680 in 1999
Completed all Sub 2 Examinations 7-5-2010 1,2, & 3

Served as Lodge Secretary for eight years.